How Much Does Platos Closet Pay for Clothes

How Much Does Plato’s Closet Pay for Clothes

Plato’s Closet pays cash on the spot for gently used clothes from teens and young adults. The exact amount depends on a variety of factors, including quality and current fashion trends. Generally, items in good condition sell for about 40-60% off regular retail prices.

Popular name brands typically bring more money than generic clothing items. Plato’s Closet also buys shoes, jewelry and accessories that are in style and in excellent condition at up to 70% off original retail prices. All payments must be accepted within 24 hours or they will no longer be valid; however, customers can shop with their store credit even after the expiration date has passed.

Plato’s Closet is a great place to get some extra cash for your gently used clothing. They offer competitive prices and pay you on the spot for items they accept. The amount you earn depends on the condition, brand, style and current trends of the clothes that are being sold.

Generally, Plato’s Closet pays up to 50-70% of the resale value for each item accepted in store. So if you’re looking to make a few extra bucks by cleaning out your closet, head over to Plato’s Closet!

How Much Money Does Plato’s Closet Give You Per Item?

At Plato’s Closet, the amount of money you receive per item depends on a variety of factors. Generally speaking, they will buy items that are in style and in good condition; however, the more popular brands typically bring a higher payout than lesser known brands. Additionally, some stores may be willing to offer more money for certain individual pieces due to their popularity or demand.

Ultimately, it is up to each store’s discretion as to how much money they will give you for an item–so if you have any questions about what your specific items may be worth it is best to contact your local Plato’s Closet directly!

Does Plato’s Closet Pay Out Well?

How Much Does Platos Closet Pay for Clothes

Yes, Plato’s Closet does pay out well. The amount you will be paid for your items depends on condition, style, and brand. Generally speaking, the better quality items with up-to-date styles from popular brands will fetch higher prices than lesser quality or out of fashion items.

Plato’s Closet also pays cash (or store credit) right away when you bring in your clothes; no waiting around to see if they sell first! This makes it a great option for people who need quick money or just want to clear out their wardrobe without having to wait weeks before getting paid.

Can I Bring Clothes in Bags to Plato’s Closet?

Can I Bring Clothes in Bags to Plato's Closet?

Yes, you can bring clothes in bags when selling items to Plato’s Closet. It is actually preferred that you sort and bag your clothing by type before bringing them into the store. This will help make the process quicker and easier for both yourself and the staff at Plato’s Closet.

Additionally, it is important to make sure all of your items are freshly laundered before bringing them in so they can be properly assessed for condition.

How Strict is Plato’s Closet?

How Strict is Plato's Closet?

Plato’s Closet is a store that specializes in buying and selling gently used clothing for teens and young adults. While the company does have certain standards of quality that must be met when it comes to purchasing items, they are generally not overly strict. The majority of the clothes they buy must be name-brand, modern fashion apparel with no visible signs of wear or damage such as stains, rips or tears.

They also expect all items to be freshly laundered before being presented for sale. However, if an item does not meet their criteria then they will usually either pass on it altogether or offer a reduced price depending on its condition. Ultimately, Plato’s Closet offers shoppers great value while still maintaining strong standards when it comes to selling high-quality products at reasonable prices.


Plato’s Closet Selling Tips

Plato's Closet Selling Tips

When selling your gently used clothing and accessories at Plato’s Closet, it is important to keep a few key tips in mind. Make sure all items are freshly laundered and free from stains or tears. Bring clothes that have been recently produced within the last two years, as well as popular brand names like Nike, Adidas, and American Eagle.

Bring a variety of sizes for each item to maximize the chances of being accepted. Finally, be prepared to negotiate prices with Plato’s Closet staff members; they will offer you cash on the spot for any items they accept!

How Much Does Plato’S Closet Pay for Levi Jeans

How Much Does Plato's Closet Pay for Levi Jeans

Plato’s Closet pays cash on the spot for gently used Levi jeans that are in style and in good condition. Generally, they will pay between $5 and $20 per pair depending on the style, size, and condition of each item. When selling to Plato’s Closet, it is important to remember that you should bring items that are less than two years old from a current or recent trend.

How to Get Plato’s Closet to Buy Clothes

How to Get Plato's Closet to Buy Clothes

One of the best ways to get Plato’s Closet to buy clothes is to make sure you bring in items that are on-trend and in excellent condition. They look for name brands, styles that are no more than two years old, and clothes that have been recently washed or dry cleaned. Pay attention to the store’s website or social media accounts for tips on what kind of clothing they’re currently buying from customers.

Additionally, be patient when waiting for approval; Plato’s Closet staff go through each item one by one before making a decision about whether or not it should be accepted into their inventory.

How Much Does Plato’s Closet Pay for Jeans

How Much Does Plato's Closet Pay for Jeans

Plato’s Closet pays cash for gently used jeans in their store. Depending on the brand, condition, and style of the jeans, you could receive anywhere from $4 to $20 per pair. They also offer store credit if you prefer that option instead.

Keep in mind that payment amount varies greatly depending on what is currently trending within their stores as well as current inventory levels.


In conclusion, Plato’s Closet is an excellent place to make money by selling clothes that are in good condition. They have a process for determining the value of an item, but generally offer more than other second-hand stores. This makes it a great option for people who want to get rid of unwanted clothing items and make some extra cash.

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