How to Remove Bleach Stain from Black Clothes


How to Remove Bleach Stain from Black Clothes? To remove a bleach stain from black clothes, you will need to start by using a color-safe oxygenated bleach. This type of bleach is designed to be gentler on colored fabrics than traditional chlorine bleaches. Start by diluting the oxygenated bleach in water according to package instructions … Read more

Does Rubbing Alcohol Bleach Clothes


Does Rubbing Alcohol Bleach Clothes? No, rubbing alcohol does not bleach clothes. Rubbing alcohol is a type of denatured alcohol that has been treated with additives to make it unfit for human consumption. This makes it useful as an industrial solvent and cleaner, but it cannot bleach fabrics like chlorine or oxygen-based bleaches can. In … Read more

Does Oxiclean Bleach Clothes


Does Oxiclean Bleach Clothes? No, Oxiclean does not bleach clothes. It is a laundry detergent that helps to remove stains from clothing and other fabrics without the use of chlorine or optical brighteners. The active ingredient in Oxiclean is sodium percarbonate, which releases oxygen when it comes into contact with water and breaks down dirt … Read more