What Colors Go With Emerald Green Clothing

Colors that look great with emerald green clothing include black, white, and gray. These neutrals provide a classic backdrop to the bright color of emerald green. Creamy tans and browns are also complementary choices for pairing with an emerald green garment or accessory.

To create a bolder style statement, shades like navy blue, purple, pink and yellow are all excellent options as well. Bright jewel tones can be used to pair with emerald green in order to create a festive atmosphere; think deep blues, vivid purples, vibrant oranges and magentas! Finally adding metallic hues such as silver or gold will add an extra touch of elegance to any outfit featuring this stunning hue.

Emerald green is a beautiful and vibrant color that can easily be paired with many other colors. For a classic look, emerald green pairs nicely with neutrals like black, white, grey or navy blue. To create an eye-catching ensemble, try pairing it with complementary shades of pink or yellow for a pop of color.

You could also go for bolder options like reds, oranges and even purples to really make your outfit stand out!

What Dark Colors Go With Emerald Green?

Dark colors that look great with emerald green include navy blue, black, charcoal gray, and deep purple. Navy blue pairs especially well with emerald green because the contrast of the two colors creates a luxurious and sophisticated feel. Black is also a popular choice that works well to create an elegant and chic atmosphere while still keeping things visually interesting.

Charcoal gray can be used as an accent color against emerald green for a subtle yet stylish touch. Lastly, deep purple offers another bold option that helps draw attention to any room decorated in these two hues.

What is the Best Color for Green Emerald?

When it comes to green emerald, the best color is a deep and vibrant green. This shade should be transparent with an intense hue that ranges from blue-green to yellow-green. The more saturated and vivid the color, the more valuable and sought after your gemstone will be.

In addition, when evaluating an emerald look for inclusions like crystals or fractures that can reduce its value but also give it character. These inclusions should not impact the overall beauty of the stone or diminish its clarity too much as they are expected in natural emeralds.

Who Looks Good in Emerald Green?

Emerald green is a universally flattering color, as it complements all skin tones and hair colors. It looks especially good on people with warmer undertones in their complexion, such as olive or golden tones. Those with cool undertones (pink or blue) can also wear emerald green, but may want to choose a lighter shade to avoid looking washed out.

Emerald green looks great when worn head-to-toe for an effortlessly chic look, or paired with other bright hues like yellow and pink for a more vibrant ensemble.

What Light Color Goes With Emerald Green?

When pairing emerald green with a complementary light color, you’ll want to look for something soft and muted. Pale blues, like pastel baby blue or powder blue, pair nicely with emerald green and create a calming atmosphere. Blush pink is another great option that provides a delicate contrast against the deep jewel tone of emerald green.

Other gentle hues such as lavender and light gray can also be an excellent accompaniment to emerald green, creating an elegant yet comfortable space.

How to Wear Emerald Green Outfits

What Colors Go With Emerald Green for a Wedding

When it comes to selecting colors for a wedding, emerald green is an excellent choice. It’s a classic hue that works well with many other colors and can be used in various ways throughout the ceremony and reception. To complement emerald you might choose shades of ivory or cream which create a sophisticated look.

Soft pink, navy blue, grey and blush are also all popular accent colors that pair nicely with emerald green for weddings.

What Color Shoes Goes With Emerald Green Dress

Emerald green is a bold and beautiful color for a dress, so you’ll want to choose shoes that complement it. Neutral tones like black, white or nude are classics that will never go out of style. To add an extra pop of color and make the look more striking, try pairing your emerald green dress with metallic silver or gold heels.

If you’re feeling daring, consider adding in a bright accent such as teal or fuschia for an unexpected twist!

Neutral Colors That Go With Emerald Green

Since emerald green is a strong color, it’s best to pair it with neutral colors that won’t compete for attention. Creams, tans, grays, and whites all make great accompaniments to emerald green walls or furniture. For an interesting contrast, try pairing the bright shade of green with a dark charcoal gray—the two colors will create a dramatic look without clashing.


In conclusion, when selecting clothing colors to pair with emerald green, there are many options to choose from. Neutral colors like black and white provide a subtle contrast that pairs nicely with the richness of emerald green. If you want something more bold, opt for shades of pink or purple or even bright yellow or orange.

No matter what style you’re going for, it’s easy to create interesting color combinations with emerald green as your base shade!

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