Where are Altar’D State Clothes Made

Where are Altar’D State Clothes Made?

Altar’d State is a fashion retailer headquartered in the United States. They design and produce clothing and accessories for women. The company sources materials from around the world to create their products, but most of their clothing items are manufactured in China.

Their accessories such as jewelry, hats, scarves, bags and shoes are made in various countries including India, Italy and Indonesia. Additionally, some of their apparel items are also produced at facilities located in Mexico or Vietnam depending on the style or seasonality. Altar’d State takes pride in ensuring that all partners follow ethical standards when it comes to labor laws, environmental regulations and wages for employees who work at these factories.

Altar’d State clothes are made in countries around the world like India, China, Bangladesh and Vietnam. Their production process is based on ethical standards to ensure that their workers receive fair wages and humane working conditions. Each item of clothing is designed with the utmost attention to detail and quality.

They also have strict environmental policies in place that require all materials used in production be sustainably sourced and manufactured with minimal impact on the environment. The end result is a beautiful line of clothing crafted from top-notch fabrics, vibrant colors, intricate designs, and high-quality construction -all at an affordable price!

Who Makes Altar D State Clothing?

Where are Altar'D State Clothes Made

Altar’d State is an American clothing retailer that was founded in 2009. The company has grown to over 80 stores across the United States and they specialize in creating on trend fashion apparel and accessories for women. Altar’d State has its own design team which creates all of their pieces in house, ensuring high quality products.

All of their designs are inspired by a mix of vintage styles with modern bohemian flair, giving customers unique looks that can easily transition from day to night. They have also implemented sustainability practices into the production of their clothing such as using eco-friendly fabrics and water-based printing techniques to reduce their environmental impact while still maintaining affordability and style.

Where is Altar’D State Made?

Where is Altar'D State Made?

Altar D State is an online clothing brand that specializes in luxurious, minimalist designs. The company is based in Los Angeles and all of its products are designed, sourced and produced locally there. All materials used for their pieces are ethically sourced from California-based vendors as well.

Altar D State takes pride in using only the highest quality fabrics to ensure maximum comfort and durability for their customers. In addition, each item passes through a rigorous quality control process before being shipped out to guarantee excellent craftsmanship every time. From start to finish, Altar D State’s garments are made with love right here in the heart of sunny L.A!

Where Does Altar’D State Get Their Clothing?

Where Does Altar'D State Get Their Clothing?

Altar D State is an online store that specializes in unique, vintage-inspired clothing. They source their garments from all over the world, with a focus on quality and sustainability. Their main suppliers are based in the US, India, China, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

Each supplier provides ethically produced clothes sustainably sourced from organic materials such as cotton, linen and hemp for Altar D State’s collections of dresses, tops and bottoms. The company works closely with its partners to ensure fair wages for workers throughout the supply chain along with safe working conditions for everyone involved in making their products.

Why is Altar’D State So Expensive?

Why is Altar'D State So Expensive?

Altar D State is so expensive because of the high quality materials and craftsmanship that goes into making each piece. The brand specializes in creating timeless pieces from fine Italian leathers, luxurious fabrics, and intricate details. Additionally, they use a variety of processes such as dyeing, embossing, stitching and more to create unique pieces that will last for years to come.

Altar D State puts a lot of effort into ensuring their products are made with exceptional quality standards – all while maintaining an ethical production process – which adds to the cost of each item.

Confrontation erupts over man in Altar’d State dressing room

Altar’D State Lawsuit

Altar'D State Lawsuit

In 2019, a lawsuit was filed against Altar’d State by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) for alleged gender discrimination. The suit claimed that female employees were given lower pay, fewer benefits and less promotional opportunities than their male counterparts. The EEOC also accused the company of retaliating against an employee who complained about these practices and allowing a sexually hostile work environment to exist in some of its stores.

Altar’D State Vendors

Altar’d State is a clothing, jewelry, and accessories boutique that was founded in 2009. They partner with vendors from around the world to bring their customers the latest trends in fashion. Their vendors work closely with Altar’d State’s design team to create pieces that reflect their mission of inspiring women to express themselves through style, while also providing quality products at an accessible price point.

Altar’D State Locations

Altar'D State Vendors

Altar’d State is a women’s fashion boutique that offers stylish clothing and accessories for all occasions. With over 130 stores located across the United States, shoppers can find an Altar’d State location near them to pick up their favorite new looks. Customers can also shop online at altardstate.com to take advantage of exclusive deals and promotions not available in store.

Altar’D State Lgbtq

Altar'D State Lgbtq

Altar’d State is a fashion retail company that has long been dedicated to supporting the LGBTQ+ community. The company proudly displays rainbow flags at all of their stores and actively participates in fundraising and advocacy for LGBTQ+ causes throughout the year. Altar’d State also offers an inclusive workplace environment where everyone, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, can feel welcome and supported.


In conclusion, Altar’d State clothing is made in several countries around the world. Due to their commitment to ethical sourcing and fair trade practices, customers can be sure that all items purchased from this retailer are made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Furthermore, being able to trace where each item was produced makes it easier for shoppers to make informed purchasing decisions based on their personal values and beliefs.

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