Where is Prana Clothing Made

Where is Prana Clothing Made?

Prana Clothing is designed and manufactured in a variety of locations around the world. The company has offices located in Carlsbad, California and Hong Kong as well as production facilities in China, India, Mexico and other countries. Prana’s designs are inspired by outdoor activities such as climbing, yoga and surfing which are also popular among their customers.

They strive to create clothing that is both stylish and functional for those who love an active lifestyle. All products are made with sustainable materials like organic cotton or hemp whenever possible. Prana takes great pride in creating quality products for their customers while supporting local communities wherever they operate factories.

Prana Clothing is a sustainable and ethically-made fashion line which specializes in creating comfortable, stylish clothing that works with your lifestyle. Prana’s clothes are designed and made in India and Sri Lanka using eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, hemp, and Tencel. Every piece of Prana’s clothing is produced responsibly with the utmost care for their workers’ welfare – they provide fair wages to all their employees while also investing time into educating them on safe working practices.

Prana believes that it doesn’t have to sacrifice style for sustainability so you can be sure to look good while doing your part for the environment!

Is Prana American Made?

Where is Prana Clothing Made

Yes, prAna is an American made company. Founded in 1993 by Beaver and Pam Theodosakis, the company was born out of a desire to create clothing that blended style with sustainability. Since then, prAna has stayed true to its commitment to quality craftsmanship and ethical sourcing practices by manufacturing all of their products in the USA—from apparel designed for yoga, travel and adventure activities, to outdoor-inspired casual wear.

With an emphasis on eco-friendly materials including organic cotton and recycled polyester, prAna continues to take steps towards reducing our environmental impact without compromising on comfort or style.

Is Prana an Ethical Company?

Yes, prAna is an ethical company. They are committed to being socially responsible and use responsibly sourced materials in their products. They are a certified B Corporation, which means they meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Furthermore, prAna ensures all factories used for production adhere to labor laws and fair wages as well as have safe working conditions for their employees. Additionally, they are part of 1% For The Planet – committing at least 1% of sales to environmental non-profit organizations around the world – further demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices throughout their supply chain.

Is Prana a Canadian Brand?

Is Prana a Canadian Brand?

No, prAna is not a Canadian brand. Founded in 1992 in Carlsbad, California, the company is headquartered in San Diego and has stores located throughout the United States. Although prAna does have an international presence with some locations outside of North America (e.g., London, UK), it does not have any stores or offices located within Canada.

Where is Prana From?

prAna is an apparel and lifestyle brand based in Carlsbad, California. Founded in 1992 by Beaver Theodosakis, the company began as a small rock-climbing equipment business. Over the years, prAna has expanded its product offering to include clothing and accessories for yoga, travel, adventure sports, water activities and more.

They strive to create products that combine function and fashion with sustainability in mind; their materials are made from organic cotton or recycled polyester/nylon fibers whenever possible. In addition to the US headquarters in California, they have offices around the world including Hong Kong and Sri Lanka.

Where does Prana make their sustainable clothing?

Prana Sustainability

Prana Sustainability is a company that has made a commitment to sustainability, ethical production and corporate responsibility. They specialize in producing sustainable apparel and accessories from natural fibers such as organic cotton, hemp and wool. Prana works with fair trade certified factories to ensure their products are made using responsible labor practices.

Additionally, they use eco-friendly dyes and materials wherever possible. By committing to these principles of sustainability, Prana strives to reduce its environmental footprint while creating high quality fashion for conscious consumers across the globe.

Is Prana Ethical

Prana is an ethical lifestyle and apparel brand that strives to create products in a sustainable, socially responsible manner. The company works with factories around the world that are certified under Fair Trade, the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), and other sustainability certifications. Prana also has their own Code of Conduct for suppliers which outlines labor standards, social compliance requirements, and environmental criteria.

They prioritize using recycled or upcycled materials in their product lines as well as plant-based fabrics like hemp and organic cotton whenever possible. Furthermore, they offer repair services for customers who need to fix any damages on their clothes instead of sending them to waste. All these practices demonstrate how committed Prana is towards creating a more ethical fashion industry.

Prana Internships

Prana Internships

Prana Internships provide an opportunity for students and young professionals to gain practical experience in a variety of fields. These internships are designed to develop the skills necessary for success in the corporate world, while creating meaningful links between interns, employers, and the local community. Additionally, Prana offers mentorship programs that provide guidance on career development and furthering one’s education.

Prana Repairs

Prana Repairs is an innovative repair service that specializes in repairing and restoring common outdoor items like tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, and more. Unlike other services which may require you to send your item away for repair or replace it outright, Prana Repairs has a team of experienced technicians who can expertly assess the damage and provide on-site repairs wherever possible. Their goal is to help extend the life of your favorite gear while also helping minimize waste by avoiding replacements whenever possible.


In conclusion, Prana clothing is made with a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. From India to the US, they use responsible sourcing and production methods while keeping their workers safe and well paid. In addition to being stylish, high-quality pieces of clothing, each item also has a positive impact on people’s lives and the environment.

With this knowledge in mind, you can be sure that your next purchase from Prana will not only look great but also do good for others around the world.

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