Where to Donate Clothes in Boston

Donations can be dropped off at their location on 17 Chestnut Street in Jamaica Plain or picked up from your home with prior arrangements made over the phone. Additionally, one could contact Cradles to Crayons which has multiple drop-off locations around the city for donating clothing of all sizes for children and infants. Another option would be Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay which collects donated clothing items including professional attire which will help disadvantaged youth prepare for job interviews and other important occasions.

Finally, Goodwill stores throughout Boston accept donations of all kinds of lightly used garments ranging from coats to casual wear.

If you’re looking to donate gently used clothes in the Boston area, there are a variety of great organizations that could use your help. The Salvation Army is one such option; they accept donations year-round at their numerous locations and offer convenient pickup services as well. You can also choose to donate directly to local shelters like Rosie’s Place or St. Francis House, both of which provide clothing for those in need throughout the city.

Finally, Goodwill is another great option due to their range of donation centers located all over Boston and surrounding areas.

Where Can I Drop Donations in Boston?

If you’re looking for a place to drop off donations in Boston, there are many locations throughout the city. The Greater Boston Food Bank accepts food donations at its distribution center located at 70 South Bay Ave in Boston. Additionally, clothing and other items can be dropped off at several Goodwill donation centers around the city including one on Washington Street in Brighton and another on Commonwealth Avenue in Allston.

You can also donate furniture, books, electronics and more to Boomerangs by calling their store ahead of time or dropping items off during regular store hours. Finally, if you’d like to donate blood or plasma, the American Red Cross has several donation centers located throughout greater Boston where they hold regular blood drives as well as other emergency aid services.

How Do I Donate Clothes in Massachusetts?

Donating clothes in Massachusetts is a great way to help those in need while also reducing waste. There are many organizations throughout the state that accept donations of clothing, shoes and other items. To donate clothes, you can drop off your items at any local thrift store or charity organization.

If you’re looking for an option closer to home, check out websites like The Salvation Army and Goodwill that have donation centers throughout the state. You can also search online for “clothing donation bins near me” to find additional options near you. When donating gently used clothing, be sure to clean it first before dropping it off and include any necessary documentation as required by the organization accepting your donations.

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Women’s Clothing Donations Boston

Donating your gently used women’s clothing can make a real difference in the lives of those in need. Boston is home to many charitable organizations that accept donations of women’s apparel, including dress suits, casual wear and accessories. Many of these organizations provide low-income individuals with access to professional attire for job interviews, as well as everyday clothes for everyday life.

Donations are also tax deductible and help support the mission of providing clothing to those who need it most!


Donating clothes is a great way to give back to your community and help those in need. Boston has many charities that accept clothing donations, giving you plenty of options for where you can donate. From Goodwill and Salvation Army to local churches and homeless shelters, there are many places you can consider when donating used clothes or other items in the Boston area.

Donating items not only helps out those who need it most, but also reduces waste from landfills. So if you have any old or unwanted clothes lying around your house, think about making a donation today!

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