Where to Donate Clothes in Brooklyn

Where to Donate Clothes in Brooklyn

There are several places to donate clothes in Brooklyn. One option is the Salvation Army, which has a location in Prospect Heights at 590 Washington Avenue. Donations there are accepted weekdays from 10am-5pm and on Saturdays from 9am-5pm.

Clothes can also be donated to Goodwill Industries of Greater New York & Northern New Jersey, which has locations throughout Brooklyn such as 1103 Cortelyou Road in Kensington and 846 Flatbush Ave in Prospect Park South. Hours vary by location so it’s best to check ahead of time before donating. Other organizations that accept clothing donations include Housing Works Thrift Shop (176 Lafayette Ave), The Bowery Mission (227 Bowery St), The Doe Fund Inc.

(1122 Broadway) and Dress for Success Brooklyn (1400 Fulton Street). All these organizations welcome your generous donations!

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Donating clothes to those in need is a wonderful way to give back and make a difference in the community. If you live in Brooklyn, there are several great organizations that accept donations of clothing for people who can’t afford them. The New York City Rescue Mission provides emergency shelter and services to homeless men, women and children; they welcome donations of gently used or new clothing items year-round.

Both St. John’s Bread & Life (which serves meals and other resources) and Goodwill Industries International Incorporated also accept clothing donations from the public at their Brooklyn locations. Donate your unwanted clothes today – you never know how much it might mean to someone else!

Where Can I Drop off Donations in Brooklyn?

If you are looking for a place to drop off donations in Brooklyn, there are many options available. The most popular is the Brooklyn Community Services Donation Center located at 285 Schermerhorn Street in downtown Brooklyn. This is open Monday through Friday from 9:00am – 5:30pm and accepts clothing, furniture, electronics and more.

Other organizations like Big Reuse (which has locations in Gowanus and Bushwick) accept donations of furniture, appliances, building materials and other household items as well as offering volunteer opportunities. Donors can also connect with local non-profit thrift stores such as Housing Works Thrift Shop or St. Vincent de Paul Society to donate gently used clothing and household items that will benefit those in need within the community.

How Do I Donate Old Clothes in Nyc?

In New York City, there are many great options for donating old clothes. Many charities, such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army, accept donations of gently used clothing items. Both organizations also have drop-off locations in various neighborhoods throughout the city.

Alternatively, you can donate directly to a homeless shelter or other local charity in your area that accepts clothing donations. You may also consider participating in one of NYC’s many clothing drives held by religious groups or student organizations at local schools and universities throughout the year. Finally, if you’re looking to make an impact beyond just donating your own clothes, try visiting Buy Nothing NYC – an online group where members share their excess belongings with each other for free!

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Nyc Clothing Donation Pickup

Donating clothes to those in need is a great way to give back, and luckily there are many organizations that offer free clothing donation pickup services in New York City. These pickups make it easy for people to donate their gently used items without having to transport them themselves. By donating your unwanted clothing, you can help those less fortunate while also helping the environment by reducing waste.

Clothing Donation Pick Up Queens

In Queens, NY there are a variety of organizations offering clothing donation pick up services. These organizations provide an opportunity to donate your gently used items while also helping those in need within the community. Many of these companies will come directly to your home or office and pick up donations at no cost, making it easy to give back without having to leave your house.

With a quick online search you can find the organization that best fits your needs for donating clothes in Queens.

Donation Pick Up Brooklyn

If you’re looking for a convenient way to donate your gently used items, consider a donation pick up service in Brooklyn. Local organizations such as The Salvation Army and Goodwill offer free donation pick up services throughout the borough of Brooklyn. All donations should be in good condition and accepted items may include clothing, furniture, appliances and other household goods.

Scheduling a donation pickup is easy—simply contact the organization of your choice or fill out an online form to select a preferred date and time window for the pickup.


Donating clothes to those in need is a simple and meaningful way to make a difference. In Brooklyn, there are many organizations that accept gently used clothing donations such as Goodwill, Housing Works thrift stores, The Salvation Army Family Stores, Dress for Success Brooklyn and Big Reuse. Each of these organizations provides an easy way to donate your unwanted items while contributing to the community and helping others.

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