Where to Donate Clothes in Denton Tx

Where to

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Denton Tx

In Denton, Texas, there are many places to donate clothes. Goodwill is a popular option for donating gently used clothing items. They accept all types of gently worn adult and children’s clothing in any condition as well as accessories such as hats, belts, ties and purses.

Another great place to donate clothes is the Salvation Army Family Store. This store takes donations of new or gently used clothing items including coats, dresses, pants and shoes. Other local charities that accept donations include The Helping Hand Center and North Texas Human Trafficking Coalition which both take donations of new or lightly used clothing items for their respective causes.

Additionally, some churches may offer donation boxes outside their buildings where people can leave unwanted clothes for those in need within the community. Finally, one can always look into holding a garage sale if they want to make some money off their unwanted goods while helping out members of the community at the same time!

If you’re in the Denton area and looking for a way to donate gently used clothing, there are several great organizations that could use your help. The Salvation Army is always accepting donations of clothes, shoes, toys and furniture which they will then distribute directly to those in need. Goodwill also takes donations at their locations throughout the city; donating to them helps fund job training programs as well as other community services.

Another great option is the Texas Star Donation Center – all proceeds from this donation center go towards providing assistance for individuals with disabilities. So no matter what type of items you have, be sure to give back by donating them to any one of these amazing organizations!

Where Can I Donate Old Clothes for Donations?

Donating old clothes is a great way to help those in need. There are many organizations and charities that accept clothing donations, both locally and internationally. Some popular places to donate include Goodwill, Salvation Army, Vietnam Veterans of America, Dress for Success, and the American Red Cross.

When donating your gently used clothing items it is important to check with the organization you plan on donating too as some may have specific guidelines regarding what types of clothing they will accept. Additionally, many organizations prefer if donors drop off their donations during business hours so staff can be available to receive them properly.

Where Can I Donate Items in Denton?

If you are looking to donate items in Denton, there are several options available for you! The City of Denton has partnered with a variety of local businesses and organizations that accept donations such as furniture, clothing, books, and other household items. Some places include the Salvation Army Thrift Store on Teasley Lane, Habitat Restore on Rayzor Road, Goodwill Industries on South Locust Street, and the Christian Community Action thrift store near Fry Street.

Additionally, many churches throughout town also offer donation centers where individuals can drop off their gently used goods. Furthermore, if you’re interested in donating directly to those in need within our community then consider contacting nonprofit organizations like Serve Denton or the Community Food Pantry who could help connect your donations with individuals who may benefit from them most greatly.

What Clothing Items Should Not Be Donated?

When donating clothing items, it is important to make sure that the items are in good condition. Items such as underwear, socks, and swimwear should not be donated due to hygiene reasons. Additionally, any item of clothing with stains or tears should also not be donated.

Furthermore, if an item has been recalled by either a manufacturer or a retailer it cannot be accepted for donation. Finally, any garments made out of hazardous materials like asbestos can not be safely recycled and must not be donated either.

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Salvation Army Denton Tx

The Salvation Army of Denton, Texas is a social services organization that provides assistance to those in need. They offer food pantries, clothing closets and other support services such as rent/utility bills payment assistance, job training programs, financial literacy classes, and more. Their goal is to help individuals become self-sufficient by providing them with the resources they need to make positive changes in their lives.

Free Clothing Closets near Me

If you’re looking for free clothing, there are plenty of organizations that offer free clothing closets near you. From local churches and nonprofits to national charities, these resources provide all sorts of gently used clothes for children and adults. You can search online or call your town hall to find out if there’s a facility nearby that provides this service.

Additionally, some thrift stores may have special days where they give away free clothing items as well!


In conclusion, donating clothes in Denton TX is a great way to help those who are less fortunate and make use of items you no longer need. There are many local charities that accept clothing donations such as The Salvation Army, Goodwill Industries, Habitat for Humanity ReStore, and more. These organizations will put your donated clothing to good use by providing it to those in need or selling it at a discounted price to support their causes.

If you have any gently used clothes that you no longer want or need consider donating them today!

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