How to Make Your Clothes Smell Good

1. Wash your clothes regularly and use a good quality detergent. Make sure to follow the directions on the label for best results. 2. Hang your clothes outside in the sunshine, as sunlight naturally eliminates odors and kills bacteria that cause bad smells.

3. Add one cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle when washing your laundry; this will help remove soap residue which can trap odor-causing molecules in fabric fibers, making them smell worse over time. 4. Use an odor neutralizing product with enzymes designed specifically to break down and remove odors from fabrics such as Febreze or OdorXit Laundry Booster & Deodorizer Concentrate at recommended amounts according to instructions on each product’s label.

  • Pre-treat any stains before washing – Before throwing your clothes in the washing machine, pre-treat any stubborn stains with a stain remover and let it sit for at least 10 minutes before laundering
  • This will help ensure that you get rid of any bad odors caused by spills or sweat
  • Use baking soda – Add 1/2 cup of baking soda to your load of laundry to help freshen up smelly clothes and eliminate odor causing bacteria
  • Baking soda also helps soften fabrics for a more comfortable wear each time! 3
  • Wash with hot water – Washing your clothes on the hottest setting possible is key when trying to get rid of bad smells from fabrics as heat helps break down oils left behind from our skin which can cause odors over time if not washed away properly! If you’re unsure about how hot to set your machine, check the care label on your clothing first for instructions
  • Hang outside in direct sunlight – After washing, hang up items outside in direct sunlight (if possible) as UV rays can be an effective way to naturally sanitize fabric while giving them a fresh scent without needing harsh chemicals or fragrances! Just make sure they aren’t exposed too long so they don’t fade or become damaged by sun exposure!

How Can I Make My Clothes Smell Nice?

To make your clothes smell nice, you should start by washing them regularly and using a good quality detergent. When washing, try to use cold water as much as possible; this helps prevent bacteria growth that can cause odors. You should also add a cup of vinegar to the wash cycle – it will help break down any build-up of detergent residue and eliminate odors.

After washing, hang or lay flat your garments in the sun or outside on a line to air dry, which will help remove musty smells from fabrics. Finally, using fabric refresher sprays and sachets is an easy way to leave garments smelling fresh for longer periods of time.

Why Don’T My Clothes Smell Good After Washing?

There are a few reasons why your clothes may not smell good after washing. Firstly, it could be that you’re not using enough detergent; the minimum amount should always be followed in order to ensure proper cleaning and odor removal. Secondly, overloading the washing machine can cause laundry detergent to not properly dissolve into the water and leave behind residue on clothing which will result in a less than desirable scent.

Finally, if you’re drying your clothes outside (especially during summer months) they may become damp again due to high humidity levels resulting in an unpleasant smell. In any case, try adding more detergent or cutting down on how much laundry you do at once and avoid leaving wet clothes out too long before hanging them up for drying indoors or outdoors.

What Keeps Clothes Smelling Fresh?

Using the right detergent and fabric softener, along with proper laundering techniques, is key to keeping clothes smelling fresh. When washing your clothes, always make sure you check the care labels for instructions on how best to clean each article of clothing. Opting for cold water when washing can help keep colors vibrant while also minimizing shrinkage and odor-causing bacteria growth that might occur in hot water cycles.

Adding a small amount of baking soda or vinegar during the rinse cycle can help remove odors from sweat or other sources as well. Hang damp laundry outside in direct sunlight if possible – it’s a natural way to eliminate odors without using chemical products such as air fresheners or dryer sheets. Additionally, storing freshly laundered clothing in drawers lined with scented sachets can give garments an additional boost of fragrance throughout their lifetime.

How Do You Make Clothes Smell Good After Washing?

To make clothes smell good after washing, start by making sure to use a detergent with an odor-eliminating formula. Fabric softener can also help add a pleasant scent to your freshly laundered garments. After the wash cycle is complete, hang your clothes outside in the sunshine or near an open window for some natural air fresheners.

You can also sprinkle some baking soda on damp clothing before drying them in order to absorb bad odors and leave a nice fragrance instead. Additionally, adding a few drops of essential oils such as lavender or lemon into the fabric softener dispenser will help impart a pleasing aroma onto your laundry items. Finally, store clean clothes in cloth bags that are scented with herbs or potpourri to keep them smelling fresh until you’re ready to wear them again!

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How to Make Your Clothes Smell Good in the Closet

A great way to make your clothes smell good in the closet is to place a few drops of essential oils on a cotton ball. Place the cotton balls on hangers or shelves and allow them to diffuse their scent throughout the closet. Not only will this help keep your clothes smelling fresh, but it can also add an aromatherapy effect that is soothing and relaxing!

How to Make Your Clothes Smell Good Naturally

One of the most effective ways to make your clothes smell good naturally is by using a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda. To use this method, simply add one cup of white vinegar to a washer full of cold water, followed by ½ cup of baking soda. Let the washing machine run for a few minutes before adding in your clothing items and letting them soak for at least an hour before running another cycle on the cold setting.

This will help to eliminate odors while also leaving your clothes smelling fresh and clean!

How to Make Your Clothes Smell Good Without Washing It

One way to make your clothes smell good without washing it is by using a fabric refresher spray. These sprays are specially formulated with natural scents that not only keep your clothes smelling fresh, but also help to fight odors and bacteria. Simply apply the spray directly onto the article of clothing and allow it to air dry – no need for any water or additional laundry detergent!

With regular use, this technique will help you keep your clothes smelling great between washes.

How to Make Your Clothes Smell Good After Drying

If you want your clothes to smell good after drying, hang them on a line or rack outside in the sun and breeze. The natural elements will help eliminate any mildewy smells that may have developed during the drying process. You can also add a few drops of essential oil such as lavender, lemon or eucalyptus to some fabric softener before adding it to the washing machine for an extra boost of fragrance.

For those really stubborn odors, sprinkle baking soda over your clothing prior to putting them in the dryer and then vacuum it off once they’re done drying. With these simple tips, you’ll be able to keep your clothes smelling great no matter how often you wash them!


Using these simple tips, your clothes will smell fresh and clean without exposing yourself to harsh chemicals. The best part is that you can do this all from the comfort of your own home! Making sure your clothes smell good doesn’t have to be a chore – it can be an enjoyable part of taking care of yourself.

With some basic supplies and a few minutes, you’ll soon have clothing that smells like new again!

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